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"I worked with Jill in 2020, when I was so utterly burnt out that I had moved to a new state just so I could start fresh and not repeat past mistakes. I'm so grateful for the time that I spent with her because I got in touch with who I really am, and what really matters in my life, which is being there for friends and family. Not only that, but right when we started coaching I had just met someone special, and the communication skills I learned from Jill gave me the tools to form a healthy and deep bond with my partner. We just got married this year."

Kristen Lippstreu, Senior Compliance Director

"Jill’s energy is incredible. She totally owns her role as a coach, facilitator, and moderator. She doesn’t let you off easily, she enthusiastically shares feedback and gives you tools to overcome weaknesses and you will feel like you are ready for the whole world to see. It was my own spiritual transformation as I stepped into a new identity. It was amazing. I want to do more of this."

Salila Sukumaran, Health Consultant and TEDx Speaker

“Working with Jill in 2022 was an absolutely amazing experience at a critical point in my life. She helped me sort through the major life decisions I faced by empowering my true self. If you are doubting yourself, work with Jill.”

Joey Roldan, Account Executive

"Jill's coaching helped me make the biggest career change I have made in 9 years. Working with her gave me the support, accountability, awareness, and the push to finally make a monumental change in my life."

Caela Chebino, Operations Manager